Shouting from our bedrooms

How have we ended up with all these products? That's the thought going through my head today. 

I only asked a few friends and some mums at the school gates. I counted close to 500 products for our first collection. Wow! I mouthed at the dog. I call Rach with the good news only to here her finishing off counting. I've just sorted through over 600 products, she gasps. Double wow! 

With the boot of our car fully loaded we started the drive to sunny Rochdale where WHAG headquarters was based. Upon arrival, we were met by three women who stood mouths aghast at the number of products we had. It was close to Christmas so the timing was perfect for them. 

body care products on a kitsch floor like a flat lay 

We carted our boxes in and had a cup of tea. WHAG is a charity organisation who have housed homeless women often fleeing from abusive partners since 1981. The staff here are gems and they go beyond the call of duty offering a friendly face and person to talk to for the women who reside there. There was brightly coloured artwork, thank you pictures, cards and mugs all over the office which a small testament to what the hard working ladies do at here.

We left Rochdale knowing that there's more to do for us to help these ladies and just imagine if we could ask a handful more people to donate, we could fill this refuge regularly.

Our mission was born to fill every bathroom in the refuge's across the Northwest  Now to tell the whole world, or maybe just our villages first. 

Boxes of products packed for the homeless on the floor next to an electric heater  Two ladies smiling with positive quotes on a wall behind them

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