Please help support our women living in refuges by donating what you can. 

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Elle for elle is a charitable foundation that connects a wellbeing programme to refuges in UK. Our aim is to implement the proper infrastructure to start the process and to maintain a healthy mind, changing negative patterns with education, wellbeing therapies and life skills. We believe that our process has a good chance of preventing repeat patterns of behaviour, leading to positive mental, physical and emotional health.

There’s a national crises of lack of refuges to warrant the amount of women and children trying to escape abuse.
On just one day in 2017, 94 women and 90 children were turned away from refuge. 60% of all referrals to refuges were declined in 2016-17, normally due to a lack of available space.(women’s aid stats) Due to the current social housing shortage women are facing prolonged periods within the refuge. Refuges are therefore unable to accommodate new cases of domestic abuse.

We propose a change in the criteria to add the below.

Most of the criteria will stay the same with our red, Amber, green timeline of support put in place. This will then give the residence a better chance of moving on quicker with better prospects. 

Why wellbeing programmes?

Fun and sociable
Aimed at gradual improvements and building self-confidence
Engaging participants on a regular basis
Delivered in small groups, enabling people to form friendships and improve all areas of wellbeing
Not specifically focus on health
Embedding positive behaviour patterns in family life, everyday routine and relationships

Teaching skills or knowledge.

Providing a way for people to see the difference they’ve made to themselves.

Team building experiences for encouragement and working together.

To change the record of negative belief patterns for positive mental health through therapy and like skills training. 

We start our programme in Manchester 

To Educate 33 women in Maths and English is £30,000 per year 

Secondary school age tutoring x 1 £7000 per year 

Therapy for 1 refuge £19,000 per year (7 women) 

Business/Skill training Per refuge £6000 per year 

To refurb playrooms £8000 per refuge 

safe outdoor play areas 15,000 per refuge 

To add wellbeing rooms £5000 per refuge 

Any help towards our goals would benefit. 

Thank you 

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