The 305 Challenge

The 305 Challenge 

We would like to invite you to participate in our 305 charity challenge to help raise valuable funds for product and wellbeing. 

Our goal is to raise funds to fill up the bathrooms with body care, hair care and cosmetics for women who've fleed domestic abuse and is living in a UK refuge.  We know this encourages self-care and promotes wellbeing amongst the women. we currently support 70 refuges and with your help, we can support all 305.

By encouraging friends and family to raise £305 and then asking 3 of your friends to do the same we can fulfil our mission.

Participating in our campaign is simple (and free). You can help us by Supporting us on social media, and publically asking/tagging 3 of your friends to raise £305 to complete the much-needed challenge. 

Our goal at Elle for Elle is to inspire positivity and give back through our 305 campaign. We’re now taking this idea further with our Dignity after Distress campaign which sees a wellbeing programme being implemented throughout the UK using a percentage of the 305 campaign donations.

It takes on average 7 times for a woman to leave her abusive partner, by helping vulnerable women to understand their own negative behaviour patterns through therapy, they have a fighting chance of not repeating habits and living a life without abuse. 

We would absolutely love to have you to be involved and show these women and girls what a difference we're making to their world.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this, we really would love you to get involved and help us change lives.

All our best,

Lynette Page-Collin and Rachel O’Hare


There are 305 women and children’s refuges in the UK housing on average 18 women that's just over 5000 people. plus on average around 12000 children.

In some cases, women live on as little as £118 per month and from this, they must buy their hygiene and food. There have been reports of women residing in refuges being arrested for stealing sanitary wear and concealer to cover up bruising, putting their freedom in jeopardy for things you and I probably have in our homes in bulk. We believe that having a shower with good quality products and being able to use good cosmetics promotes a sense of wellbeing, building confidence and self-care.

Our wellbeing programme helps women and their children with education, therapy, beauty therapy and life skills training for a non-dependant future without abuse.

Read where your 305 money goes 

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