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Currently there’s 305 womens refuges in the Uk and a further 200 outreach programs. 

We're Lynette Page-Collin and Rachel O'Hare two friends who've created a voluntary organisation named Elle For Elle.
We collect body-care, haircare and cosmetics from donations and donate to women and children living in refuges in the U.K.
We came up with the idea as after realising how toiletries we had in both our homes alone. There and then we decided to collect and send our products to charity. After researching where to take them, it became evident that there was nothing locally.
Elle For Elle was created that evening.

On further research we found that a large number of abuse victims take to stealing makeup and body care especially concealer (to cover bruising and scarring and sanitary wear) No person should put their freedom on the line for these products that we have have sat in our own cupboards. 
Most of the people who use the refuge arrive with nothing, and some often fleeing from domestic abuse with small children. Having to ask for a tooth brush or sanitary wear is the last bit of dignity that these victims may lose.

Our campaign 'Dignity after Distress' is just that, helping victims of domestic abuse maintain some dignity by keeping the bathrooms and cupboards of refuges stocked up with hygiene products so that they can at least take a hot shower and use some decent products whilst keeping personal hygiene private without feeling more degraded. 
We’ve built up strong relationships with the refuge managing staff and to date we’ve donated over 200k products to our outreach.

2 years on 
Our journey with Elle for Elle has given us many opportunities to talk with all survivors of domestic abuse, from children, families and men.

We quickly realised that our campaigns run across all genders and that abuse doesn't discriminate.

Our concept is still very much the same and is inclusive to All genders abuse. 

There's more children living in UK refuges. Figures show that more than half are under 18 living with their mothers. Women’s aid stats.

There's modern slavery refuges out there with 6 being in London. Modern slavery takes many forms including trafficking for sexual exploitation (including prostitution, strip clubs, escort work and pornography), domestic servitude (including working as cleaners, carers or nannies) and forced labour in work such as nail bars and car washes, says Hestia London and south east based charity.

There's only 20 male outreach services in the UK. 500,000 men suffer from domestic abuse every year in the UK.
There's considerable shortage in services for men and their children, says Mankind charity.

Please donate kindly in anyway you can.

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If you would like to donate to our cause please, email hello@elleforelle.org.uk
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Rachel, Lynette and Team Xx