Elle for Elle is a charitable foundation dedicated to helping women and girls to rise after leaving abusive relationships.

We believe that every woman who has escaped an abusive partner, parent or peer group should have the opportunity to make her own choices and be permanently free from abuse. 

Often women leave with no possessions and small children in tow, to stay in a refuge for safety. Some families are in a refuge for up to 1 year before they can move on to their own home. These women have been beaten mentally, physically, financially and or psychologically, they are literally on the floor when they arrive. 

Through our campaign 'Dignity, after Distress' and our many in-house beauty days, we've found that the ladies we speak to love the beauty treatments we offer. We know it's therapy for the ladies and an opportunity to open up, build trust and feel good about themselves again. 

 Some of the feedback we’ve received;


Some artwork after our beauty session.

We know that through our beauty days, the women feel upbeat and positive. Elle for Elle wants to take this and prolong those feelings for their future outside of the refuge by arming them with qualifications and skills in Beauty. The training on offer gives vulnerable women the opportunity of working for themselves or in a salon.

We are fundraising for training and kits to be supplied with a view to our end goal of helping the women back into the workforce.  

It's not just beauty, it's a way out of the abuse cycle and a future for their families. 

Watch below to see what we do. 

There are 305 refuges and many women's centre's in the UK trying to accommodate and offer support to 25,727 vulnerable women and children *Women's Aid stats 2017/2018. 

Here's some of our fundraising events below 

Fashion show at Delamere Academy school - £2000 worth of product donated.


Bake sale at Lantern Leeds - £1900 worth of products donated.

 Yoga session at Yoga hop trapeze - £700 worth of products donated.


Our Xmas 18' Shoebox campaign - 1027 boxes donated. 55k worth of product 

Two ladies smiling holding a box of makeup on a white background A box full of makeup  

Our Galentine's lunch over at Victors Alderley fetched 5k in funds and £3K worth of products.


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